Sunday, December 18, 2011

Harbor Freight 45mm blades

Although I cannot remember the original source, I read that the carpet cutting 45mm blades you can find at Harbor Freight are a great replacement for the 45mm blades you buy at a quilting or craft store.  At about 75 cents a blade vs. 3 dollars or more a blade, I was so excited to give it a shot.  So excited, in fact, that I bought 20 blades!

Today, I popped a brand new blade in the cutter, all excited to begin cutting the sashing strips for the Charlotte's Basket quilt.  AWFUL!  A brand new blade felt as good as putting a box cutter through cardboard.  Not smooth at all.  I hated it so much I took the old blade out of the garbage and put it back on!  I drove about 30 minutes later to return my blades and purchase some at Joann's.

Moral of the story?  The savings was surely not worth the poor cutting.  Certainly if you are interested, give it a try.  Don't buy 20 blades, lol!

Do any of you have any experiences with using a Harbor Freight blade?  Any suggestions of a good place to buy 45mm blades online for a good price?


  1. I have used these blades long before the 'quilting world' found them. I make sure my rotary gets a good cleaning - dust and lint builds in them just like your sewing machine. I spray a little WD40 on a soft cloth and wipe down and even some on the new blade (they are not as 'oiled'). Pop them in and I usually have a blade last me several months. I keep older blades for paper only.

  2. I bought blades from Harbor Freight, and haven't had a problem at all with them, but I also use a blade sharpener on all my blades as soon as they start getting dull. I have one cutter for fabric, and one older, red cutter for paper. (They are different colors, so I can tell which is which, I only got confused once- never again LOL)

  3. Hi Natasha - OY!! I did the exact same thing :) I have the same rotary cutter as you, and I bought 10 packs (2 blades each) of HF blades and had the same results - poor us!! I gave all of the blades to my mom (she also bought 10 packs) and she loves them - Now I can only afford to buy new blades when they are on sale! Maybe it's time for a different rotary cutter - I sure do like my blue one though.

  4. I use them and they work just fine for me. Sorry they didn't work for you.