Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wheelchair/Walker bag with tutorial

My grandmother recently started to use a walker on a regular basis.  I offered to make her bag for the walker so she can move things around more easily around the house or if she was out and about.  I really only measured the width between the handles and an approximate depth.

 Here is the finished project.  I have put together a tutorial in case any of you was interested.  I ended up using the Joel Dewberry fabrics I won from Tales at Wayne Manor.

 I ended up wanting my finished measurements to be approximately 21" wide by no more than 10" tall. Here are my requirements:

2 pieces of coordinating fabric 23.5" x 17.5" (you lose some width when you box the bag)
batting or fusible fleece
4 strips of fabric 2" wide by about 18" long for the straps
2 5" squares of fabric for inner pockets
button or other method of closure

Here I used a layer of fusible fleece as well as a thin layer of batting as well.  I wanted the bag to be nice and sturdy!

I then used my walking foot to quilt lines in the outer bag. I suppose any design might work.  I trimmed all the excess off after this step.

Next, fold your fabric in half right sides together and sew up each side, using your quarter inch seam.

The next step is to box your corners.  I decided to take about 2" off each side.  You reposition your side seam so it runs down the center of your bag.  You then line everything up making sure you are centered.  Take a ruler and mark your spot.  Pin, sew on the line, then trim.

Make sure to do this on both sides.  now the outer bag is done and you can set it aside for a while.  Take your bag liner fabric. I decided I wanted to make an inner pocket.

I drew a line across the back of the liner fabric and marked where I wanted my pocket to be.  My pockets are about 4" wide.  I then sewed around that line with a satin stitch (almost like how one may make a button hole).  I then cut between my satin stitch lines.  If you want wider pockets, you would have to change the size of your squares so they are bigger than the width of the pocket hole.

After this step, take out your 5" squares. Cover the hole with your square of fabric, making sure that the right side of the fabric is down.  Pin well and sew around the edge of the square.

Voila, you have a pocket! Do this for the other pocket too.  Your liner will then be done!

After your pockets are assembled, sew your liner in the same way as the outer bag.  The only difference is that you leave a space in one of the sides  (2 or 3 inches) unsewn so you can flip your back right side out when you are done with the assembly.

Next, it is time to make your straps. Take your straps and fold each side of the strip in toward the center.

Next, fold in half and press again.

Sew down each of the straps to hold it all together.  I have not taken a picture of this, but you may want to tuck in the ends of one side of the strap in a 45 degree angle so it looks pretty.

Time to assemble!  Keep your bag and liner inside out.

Place your liner inside of the outer bag.  Line up the side seams.  Make sure you put two straps on each end of the bag. Leave about an inch or so of the straps poking out so they can be sewn down again in the next step.  Pin well.  Sew around the outside then flip out.  You can sew down that open seam in your liner on your machine or by hand.

After you complete this step, pin around the outside of the bag and sew again around the outside to secure the liner in place.  this will also add some more security to the side straps.  Sorry I didn't get a picture of this step either!  You can see it a little in the top finished picture!

Happy quilting!

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