Sunday, August 19, 2012

Orca Bay: Step 2365243.25

Hey all!  Just giving the next update on my Orca Bay project.  I am almost done with the top!  A friend suggested I go with flying geese.  I wanted the border to be dynamic, so I used the rest of my grays to radiate from nearly white to solid black.  I love it!  Since this picture was taken, I was able to sew the two long side sewn down and get the final two sides completely assembled.  I just don't know what to throw in the corners.  I need something that is 4.5" square.  The outer border will be 4" wide and will be the same deep plum fabric you see.

Now for the stash report.

I purchased 3 yards last week for the Orca Bay border and used 2.5 yards of it.  I also purchased 5 fat quarters for my english paper pieced quilt.  I needed yellows and greens.

Stash Report
Used this Week: 2.5
Used year to Date: 24 yards
Added this Week: 4.25
Added Year to Date: 21.75 yards
Net Used for 2012: 2.25 yards
UFOs (Charlotte's Baskets, Orca Bay)
Please check out Judy's Patchwork Times for more stash reporting!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Willow has her mat!

Just a quick note to tell you that Willow received her mat today!

Before today, I had not actually met her.  She is soooo soft and very muscular.  She is tiny, but weighs about 4 lbs.  I think she likes it!  My son (shown in the picture) seemed to be really intrigued.  Look at those eyes!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Orca Bay Check-in and Stash Report

I am so excited to show you a finished center!  I spent an hour ironing pressing the top, and am ready to share it with you!

Normally I am not brave enough to show the back of a quilt.  You can't hide things!  I am pretty happy with the seams/seam allowance.  I think it would have been a sight a few years ago had I tried to make this quilt then.  I have come a long way with consistency and a better 1/4 inch seam since then!

No more stalling.  Here it is!

This is one of the "this-looks-even-better-in-person quilts!"  As I have stated before, I do not plan on using Bonnie Hunter's borders.  I am thinking of a few options.  All options will include a small black resting border I think.

1:  Piano keys.  Can't go wrong with piano key borders!
2.  Flying geese.  I am thinking a mid purple with the inner triangle moving from a gray to black and back again.  I could also just keep with a black and white print instead
3.  solid border.  I could find a funky print that includes purples and grays.
4.  Solid border, four patches (purples and grays?) then solid border.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Finally, here is my stash report.  I am including fabric used in the art quilt.

Stash Report
Used this Week: 1.25
Used year to Date: 21.50 yards
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 17.5 yards
Net Used for 2012: 4 yards
UFOs (Charlotte's Baskets, Orca Bay, Art Quilt)
Check out Judy's site, Patchwork Times, for more stash reporting!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cats on Quilt

It is time for the Pets on Quilts Show!  This is my second time entering the show after seeing how much fun it was last year.  This year, by coincidence, a friend had asked me to make a "cat mat" for her Cornish Rex kitten, Willow.  If you don't know what a Cornish Rex looks like, here is a picture.  These kitties are long, lanky, and have a tail that looks like it came from a large rat!!

My friend was hoping for a cat mat with bright colors, considering there is no color on Willow.  Winning this lovely fabric and pattern from Sandra Kaye's blog was perfect!

I started with the pattern, but quickly realized that this pattern was not (completely) meant to be.  All of a sudden, I was thinking that the mat needed a slender kitty on it!

This is what I ended up with!  This mat will be taken to cat shows and to food demos.  Because I wanted the cat mat to have extra sturdiness, I used a heaver weight twill for the back.  I love it!

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