Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hexie Part Deux: Ready for Binding

I have had a love hate relationship with this quilt.  I love the fabrics (civil wars) and the process of English paper piecing, but it was hard to love my overall design.  After I got this far, I knew it was time to wrap it up.

I quilted with a simple meander.  Given it was hand-pieced, I originally had plans to hand quilt, but even letting it side idle a span of time didn't motivate me for it.  This year is the year of finishing stuff, so it was time.

All done!

Then came the problem with the binding.  I didn't know what I wanted to do with all these edges.  It finally hit me that I could curve them.  Why not!?!

...and after cutting.

It seems to look alright.  I just have to dig up fabric for binding.  I have never sewn binding on a curved edge, but I think I can figure it out easy enough. I can't imagine a life anymore without YouTube.  Don't know how to do it?  There's a video for it!

I am gifting it as a table topper for a lovely lady who always shares her scraps with me.  She always does things for others, so it will be nice to do something for her.  I travel briefly to New York soon for a job interview, and this mini quilt will slowly make its way to its destination then.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A flimsy is born

I am trying to keep my momentum going.  This is the year of using up and finishing.  I don't have room in my temporary house to get more stuff or build my stash.  My scraps are overflowing.  This project was born out of a plan to reduce the stash of crumbs.  So far so good!

This was the original plan.

Somehow blocks were turned around in assembly.  But I kept going...

...and ended up with this.

Now I will add a small border.  I am thinking a black border with strategically placed flying geese.  As I sit here looking at the center, I even thing it would look good with a thin black border followed by a slightly larger burgundy red border.   Thoughts?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Putting the crumbs together

Nearly all of the crumbs have been sewn, and I am left with a pile of HSTs.  I seem to have enough for a throw quilt.

I first thought of laying them out in a zig zag format, but then tried an off-center barn raising pattern.  I made a few mistakes when laying them out, but nothing is yet sewn.  I just wanted to see what it would look like.

I am going with the barn raising layout.  I quite like how it will look.  I might use a border, but if so it would be small to set all those wonky edges before quilting.  I would love to make the quilt bigger, but I really don't have any neutral crumbs...I would be essentially made to cut bits of yardage down and then sew them back up.  I must resist the temptation and enjoy it as a smaller quilt.  The dark crumb blocks seen in the lower part of the zig-zag quilt can be used in a different project in the future.

Happy quilting!