Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crumb blocks are done

Over the holiday weekend, I managed to finish over 140 crumb blocks.

There aren't many crumby pieces left after it was all done.  I was really working at the end to make the blocks.

The next step is to make a ton (240) of HSTs with these babies.  They will finish at a bit over 4" I guess.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Crumby Christmas

One the kids were squared away and I could once again walk through my living room, I settled in at my new (to me) Singer 301.  It was my early Christmas present and it sews like buttah.  My hubs bought me a clamp that will hold my cell phone in a good spot to watch Netflix and away I went.  You can see a portion of it in the left side of the picture below.  It is a simple and nifty contraption.

Prior to today, I had all of my dark crumb blocks finished, trimmed, and pressed.  There are 130 in his pile that finish at 5".

I think I used up about a two gallon bag of crumbs here.

Today, I began the neutrals.  I think I need 100.  I finished nearly 50 today, but I haven't finished trimming them.  I am in dire need of a rotary blade.

What will I do with them you ask?  I have this vague plan to make about 200 HSTs with them and make a zig-zag pattern.  It will make a great couch quilt.  I don't plan very well with these things (a nice change from my Type A personality) so we shall see.

More to come crumb!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yearly Xmas Ornament Extravaganza

One day each year I endeavor to create a new ornament for the Christmas tree.  In addition, this year I decided to make one for each of my coworkers to add to the fug mug swap(funny coffee mugs).

I saw some floating around online, so I looked up the pattern for folded fabric ornaments on YouTube.

I used a pot lid for my pattern.

I had an opportunity to use up some wonderful fabrics given to me by Joan of Keeping You in Stitches.  I just loved the Thimbleberries fabrics.  They were perfect for the project!

Here are the finished products! add to my tree!

I have a plan this week to share with you my crumb block project.  I am almost half-way done with making the blocks, although it does not look like much yet.

Happy holidays to you all!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Child-sized Snail's Trail

Hey all,

A friend of mine was looking to have a quilt made for her soon-to-be nephew.  She indicated she wanted a more traditional design in two colors.  I poked around the internet, and found a snail's trail pattern. I just finished it yesterday, so I thought I would share it with you!

The quilt is about 42" by 54" and is backed with flannel.  All of the fabrics came from Connecting Threads.

I reached out to some fellow quilters to ask about designs, and it was suggested that I mark out concentric circles to go with the movement of the quilt.  Here I hope you will see some of the quilting in it.  I used a chalk pencil and spools of thread as spacing guides.

So much has happened since my last post.  I have a few antique machines to show off, and am working on a new crumb project.  I hope I can keep up the motivation to post again soon!