Sunday, September 9, 2012

Orca Bay top is complete!

If I didn't feel so sick, I would be doing some cartwheels!  I wasn't sure about the outer border for a while, but after some quick opinions from quilty friends, I decided on a thin outer border.  I imagine it will make quilting easier without all of the seams on the edge.

I will be machine quilting this one.  I will be looking for a semi-dense design that will not overpower all of the piecing.  Ideas are welcome!

I am thankful to my blog friends who have helped me along the way!  Thank you for your encouragement and fabric scraps!!



  1. Very pretty, I so love the finish of these "Orca Bay" quilts! They were such a commitment, with so many pieces. Your gradiaded geese in the border was a great design call!
    I hope you are feeling better, so those cartwheels can start rolling out of you ~

  2. I really love that flying geese border. I think I've only cut a few pieces for that outside border, but might like to use your idea...with your permission. Just love it!

  3. Fantastic quilt. Love all the colors and the borders. Feel Better!!

  4. Just gorgeous! Can't help you with the quilting. You need to send a photo of this to Bonnie - sure she would showcase this on her blog.

  5. This. is. amazing. Purple is my favorite color. The border is stunning. Love the light to dark progression.

  6. Wonderful quilt and fantastic border !

  7. the flying geese border. I may have to try that idea on a future quilt. I guess I was boring in that I just completed Orca Bay just like Bonnie's!
    Lisa in Georgia

    1. Boring is definitely not a word I would use with Orca Bay; it is such a dynamic quilt! Thank you for stopping in! Flying geese borders rock!

  8. Wow! Aweseome!! I love the geese in the border and the shading of them. Again, Aweseome!!

  9. Woo hoo! I've just finished my Orca Bay top too, and I was only making a small version. Can't decide how to quilt mine either :)