Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewing, Papers, and Potpie

Another hour-a-week of sewing was dedicated to Acappella.  I love being able to sew again regularly and hope to keep this trend going. I have two new stars complete plus some pinwheel blocks.  After this photo was taken, I had 20 minutes to spare so I assembled a handful more.

After the sewing, it was a day of cooking (and cleaning, blech).  After making Arroz con Pollo, I started to prepare a family recipe.  Potpie is just a simple Pennsylvania dutch recipe that is typically made with any protein available (except for pork).  Today's protein was rabbit.  Do any of you eat rabbit?  It is sweet and delicious!  Here it is simmering...

I make the potpie noodles.

This is just a simple egg noodle.  I am not great with the rolling pin on these, so I use a pasta roller.  Here they are drying and waiting for their time in the pot!  This is a recipe that my grandmother made, and knowing it was going to be on the table made me so happy.  Some of my fondest memories are with my grandmother making her potpie.  I would watch her roll out the dough and I had the responsibility of cutting the squares and putting them in the pot.  Along with her cherry custard pie recipe (and quilting), it is one of the ways I honor her memory!

This week also marked my 90th day of Tapout XT.  It is an exercise program similar to P90X and Insanity.  I LOVE it and have put on a few pounds of muscle.  I had thought about putting an "after" picture up, but am not certain about that yet.  The thought of being googled and having that photo appearing is a bit insane.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love the blue blocks!! ...and I have special memories of my Grammie too!! I have a cake that is her recipe that I make every year!! Hugs- Sandie

  2. The blue blocks are coming along with your little sewing time. My greatgran and aunties were the cooks/bakers and most of what I had is now passed on to my daughter, who enjoys and uses them quite often.

  3. I am having a great time watching your progress on Acappella, your piecing is perfect. Our family eats rabbit, however the Cajun way is pot fried, smothered with onions. Tonight, we are having duck jambalaya. I just wish I liked cooking, it is not one of my high notes. Take care....

  4. Grew up raising rabbits. I am anticipating getting this pattern any day, I loooove it.