Thursday, October 16, 2014

I've been sewing

It seems that even though I have more time left in the day ( I am on a full time internship that is less intensive than classroom instruction and externships), I still have a hard time with getting behind my machine.  Oh well, sunny Florida has given my family plenty to do, and it is nice to finally enjoy my weekends again.

I found some orphan blocks a week or so ago, and thought my friend and fellow intern might really like a quilt.  She told me she loves quilts but I don't think she has a real, handmade quilt.  She also has a bright personalty, so a quilt made so 30's prints is up her alley.  I can really only sew on the weekends because the only place to work is the dining room table and setting up takes a while.  Here are some picks of the progress.

Here is the top.

Here is my workspace.  I miss my old quilting space.  It was small, but a bit more roomy than this.

I quilted pears in the open spaces.  I might go over the pear outline again in pale yellow, but I am not yet certain.

Hopefully I will have more progress soon!

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  1. I guess *this* is the quilt you mentioned in your email? It looks fantastic. I love 30's prints. I have a couple of the ones you used.

    I'm tellin' ya...quilty twins, separated at birth. That's us!