Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today, in bits and pieces of time, I was able to iron and trim down the HSTs for I-Spy a Crumb Patch.  Here they are all nice and pretty!

As I was starting, I remembered I had a gallon sized bag full of untrimmed HSTs leftover from my Pineapple Blossom Quilt.  I had used Bonnie's method of sewing that extra line on my corner squares and then having a bonus HST left when I trimmed.  I decided to take them out too to press and trim.  I really liked her Charlotte's Baskets quilt (minus the sashings I think) so why not at least get things started!  I ended up with almost 90 HSTs and a bunch more to finish up!  Not bad for a day's work!  My HST's finished up at 2.5" so my blocks will end up a bit bigger than shown on her website, but I think it will turn out just lovely!

Tonight I will be basting my Tree of Life quilt.  It has been a pretty satisfying day!

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  1. A good day's work alright! Amazing what you can make out of scraps - Charlotte's Baskets is pretty cool - you should have fun with that one!