Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pillowcase dress

I never have made a dress before, but thought now was a good time to try.  My niece turned 5 a few weeks ago, and she loves dresses.  I saw a great tutorial online for a nice, tiered pillowcase dress.  The Polkadot Chair put together a lovely tutorial!  The instructions were easy and the end product looked great!  I used a Connecting Threads line called Hope Chest and the weight of the cotton fabric was perfect for a dress.

Here she is!  I was nervous that the dress wouldn't fit, but thankfully it does!  She will just have to wear tights and a shirt under it due to the cold weather. 

i am just finishing up a quilt top center and will post a picture soon!


  1. THis is really sweet! And she looks like she love it.

  2. Super cute! What a pretty model too :)