Saturday, November 12, 2011

I wish it were Spring, but this robin will do!

Two sets of Christmas presents are complete!  Each grandmother gets two Wooden Bear minis with a hanger for the wall.  Here is the robin.  I just LOVE wool batting and the loft it provides.  I finished this with echoing around the bird and a simple viney-leaf around the border.

I finished my birthday shopping today.  I can't wait to show the loot, but I am too lazy today to get the camera out.  I also bought a few black and white prints.  I will save them for an upcoming project.  I now have a lot of incentive to finish my final Christmas gift so I can get back to Charlotte's Baskets!  I need to piece a back (very simple one this time...likely just one seam) and then I can pin.

Happy Quilting!

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