Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flying Geese!

The center is assembled and ironed and ready for borders.  I guess I have to start on them, don't I!  I am starting by digging through my 2.5" strips to get the centers for my flying geese border.

I am using the Companion Ruler to make quick work of the flying geese!  The upper right hand corner?  Those are my crumbs from making the flying geese.  Gotta feed the pile, right?

I suppose you can learn a lot from looking at a quilter's work space.  Me?  I am frugal!  The bucket in the upper middle is an old baby formula sample.  I dumped the contents and turned it into a scrap bucket.  The container the pins are in?  Came from a pack of drywall screws that was all used up.  Also, I LOVE my gypsy gripper!  Keeps that darn ruler from sliding on me!

Happy Quilting!

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