Friday, May 20, 2011

String Quilt Project

While I am working on finishing my flying geese, I thought I might share with you another quilt I have in progress.

Recently I found JulieKQuilts while searching through the blog world.  I saw her header quilt (the picture on the top of the screen) and LOVED it!  It is an Evelyn Sloppy pattern found in this book.  I needed something that would use up some of my strings and little strips.  They were overflowing!  Here are some pictures from my progress so far.

I started with the string blocks using old phone book pages as foundations.  I am making mine larger so I made 56 string blocks for a 7 x 8 layout.  I also used strip piecing methods for the sashing strips.  I made the strips longer so I could cut a bit off the ends to use as the center strip of the 9 patches.

Here are the pieces of the 9 patches all cut up.

Here is part of the first row of blocks.  I have since completed one row and a few blocks of the second row.

Soon I will have all of the flying geese blocks done.  I will be making 144.  Also, I ordered a nice blue fabric from connecting threads for the borders of Crumb Patch.  That has been shipped and I am excited to recieve it.  I will soon be posting block assembly information for Crumb Patch and will be adding it to the tutorial.  The list of posts about Crumb Patch can be found on the right side of your screen.


  1. I love Julie's plaid quilt, and yours is going to be just as stunning.

  2. I love Julie's quilt, too! And her blog. And I agree that yours is starting out great! Looking forward to watching your progress. I've been wanting to make it too.

  3. Very nice! - so many quilts to make need more time...
    Looking forward to watching the progress.

    Love Leanne

  4. I love string quilts too and the Evelyn Sloppy pattern is one I'd love to make one day. Look forward to seeing yours progress :)