Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Immediate Gratification

I have made great progress on Crumb Patch.  Two out of four of the border sides are done.  After that, I need to work a little more in the middle and then I am done!  I will have well over 10 hour into it by then and thankfully do not have any folds or tucks in the back.  I can't wait for the final pictures!

Today, I needed a little instant gratification.  This is my dog, Angus.  He is a 2 year old Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie.

His sister, Shine, looks and acts just like him.  I am good friends with his breeders and wanted to make them (two of them) each a dog mat to take with them to shows.  This is not a mat made for heavy use.  It is more suited to take to demos or dog shows.  Here is one of them.

I made her name (Shine) to look like a Sun!  You can see the thread better in person that distinguishes the letters.  It measures about 27 x 40 or so.  Everything was from my stash.  I even pieced a few strips of batting together to get that out of my stash.

Closeup of the quilting
Here I just did an all over swirl pattern after echoing around the sun.  The picture is strange in that it looks like there is a big tuck there but that is just the seam.  I took it at a weird angle I guess.  I used a Superior Threads variegated purple to quilt.

Here is the back.  I had some twill fabric from making a mei tai a few years ago and used it up!  I figured it was heavy duty and would put up with being thrown on the ground.  I hope it withstands some abuse!

Have any of you made any pet items?

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  1. Wow - that's so awesome :) The quilting is fab too! I love to see what quilters make for their pets. I made a quilt for my dog (Sugar), it was my first attempt at hand quilting, ha! Not perfect, but done & she sleeps on it every night. Honestly, after all of that hand work, I had to resist the knee-jerk reaction to snatch it back when I saw her scratching & scrunching it up (you know, like a dog) - I guess it's more comfy when it's all mashed up!! I also made some "Cat Mats" for my local shelter from left over fabrics - they finished at about 16 x 18 & the shelter puts the little quilt in the cat's carrier when they gat adopted :)