Friday, June 3, 2011


Darnit my Darning foot snapped while working on Crumb Patch!  I am soooo close!  I had all of the border work done, so I stopped quilting and put on the binding.  I tried modifying the spring action foot into a floating foot so I could still use it but it was skipping stitches.  I will be going on a one hour drive to my local (hahah) sewing machine shop to get a new one tomorrow.  I purchased one other walking foot piece that was defective so I will try and get that replaced too.  They wont let me exchange my freemotion foot due to possible "user error." 

Of course, I found other ways to occupy my time.  I have a birthday coming 2 year old nephews, that is.  I have really liked this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I liked the pattern so much I made this monster pillow for my son.

I made my pillow as a pillow cover using a pillow form rather than something one has to stuff.  I liked doing that better.  I even made one for a different nephew and tried to make it look like a cat.  Thankfully I do not have a picture because it looked more like a crazy fox.  Live and learn.  This time, I wanted one to have a truck on it.

what is awesome about this pillow is that it has a "secret" pocket that your child can stuff his or her favorite things.  My son keeps all of these little treasured items in his pillow pocket.  The pillow is soooo easy to make too!

 Tha hand you see is my 3 year old trying to grab it! 

I used my domestic machine to put "embroidered" letting in the center of the truck.  My fusible fleece did not fuse so I quilted a cute diamond pattern in it with my walking foot.  I like the way it came out!

What I also wanted to point out is the cost...FREE!  The blue is what was leftover from Crumb Patch.  I bought the red Moda fabric from Joanns in the remnant bin a while ago.  I even pieced bits of fusible (funny that this was what fused properly vs the stuff that was whole from the beginning and didnt fuse lol) together to use it up!  I even bought the pillow form at AC Moore and had a 55% discount coupon and recieved that for less than $6.00!


  1. Hi Natasha,

    Love your blog, read all the way back to the beginning. I too am a new blogger. Love it, love it, love it. So many generous and talented people sharing with each other.

    Loved your crumb quilt. I did one a couple of years ago doing Bonnie Hunters leader ender process. Great use of time and thread. Selina