Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doggie Mat part 2

Here is a brief introduction.  This is my dog, Angus,' uncle Banner.

He is the ONLY nationally titled cart pulling Sheltie in the country.  Why is that?  Cart pulling is a sport dominated by pit pulls, American bull dogs, mastiffs, huskies, and malamutes.  There are some other breeds but you get the drift....larger working dogs.  This sheltie doesn't even weigh 20lbs!  He had to have his own cart custom made.  At first, he was just laughed at.  After people saw he could hold his own (the scores are how much they can pull in proportion to their own size).

Time to make a doggie mat for him!  In addition to cart pulling, he is also a rally dog, stud dog, and even has acted in a play!

With a name like Banner, he needs something patriotic.  Here is what I have so far.  I plan on adding a blue border, then adding a silhouette of a sheltie in brown and white.

With the 3 yards of blue fabric I purchased for Crumb Patch, I have made three things!  I think I will be down to crumbs after this project...woo hoo!  The reds came from my 2.5" bucket.

As a side note:  For now, I am going with a 3" brown inner border, a 3" string middle border, and a 3" brown outer border, all with 9 patch corner stones for my string quilt.  Here goes nothin'!


  1. I think that is a very fitting dog mat for Banner!! What a huge accomplishment to be the only cart pulling Sheltie in the country!!

  2. Beautiful Sheltie, and apparently strong too!

  3. Beautiful Sheltie, and apparently strong too!