Friday, June 10, 2011


So, as I was sewing together my final row of the Evelyn Sloppy string quilt, it dawned on me (way to go for it being so last minute) that I had done my mental math incorrectly.  I had made an extra row!  So, now I have to decide whether to turn this row into another project (perhaps a wheelchair donation quilt?) or make MORE blocks...8 more to be exact...and have enough rows to make the quilt both wider and symmetric.  I need to think about this some more I think.  I have been needing a push to get another donation quilt out....hmmm.  If I made the donation quilt I would need just four more blocks rather than 8.  I suppose I will decide in the next day or two.

Here are the rows laid out on the floor.  I may do my borders a bit differently.  It will definitely have a string border.  I was thinking of a darker resting strip then a string border.  Once I have the quilt top center assembled I will have a better idea.

On a final note, many of you know my Sheltie, Angus, took his Canine Good Citizen test and passed.  I tried to take some pictures after, but taking pics of 5 herding dogs playing is not easy!


  1. I love your quilt!! It is so pretty in your bright scraps...just yummy!

  2. I was sent over by ~Joan - so glad to meet you, and of course, your scrappy quilts! I especially LOVE the Star Quilt!! But I also have a fodness for plaids (see my most recent post)

    I've added you to my Google Reader and will be coming back. Nice to meet you. 8-)

  3. Your quilt looks great! I'm not sure if you have the "incorrect" row on in the photo...but, It looks great the way it is... =)

    In the dog photo...on the that an English Cocker Spaniel? I'm just curious. I had one of these really sweet dogs and they are wonderful too.