Monday, September 26, 2011

1930's Quilt Kit

An internet friend of mine sent me a beautiful quilt kit a few months ago.  I guess the story is that in the early 90's. a kit was made up as a gift to an older woman.  She passed away before she could make it, and it ended up in an estate sale.  It was purchased by my quilting friend some time ago and eventually it came to me. 

All the pieces were cut out and there was a neat diagram to help me in putting it together.  The only problem was that many of the pieces were either a tiny bit too big or a tiny bit too small.  I hope it doesn't cause any issues later on.  this quilt will end up being a twin size and I have all the supplies to make the top.

I am at the point where I am making these larger blocks.  All 120 4-patches are complete.  I do, however, have to put it away for a while.  I have two things that have jumped up on my list.  I have a walker bag to make for my grandmother who is newly walker bound as well as my first pillowcase dress!

Finally, here is a peak of my kids who were able to play in a quilt fort!  Can you see a little leg in there?

Happy quilting!


  1. Love the '30 quilt - how special to finish up this treasure. Yes, I see a peek inside that tent.

  2. The 30's quilt will be gorgeous!!! hugs--Sandie