Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ana White Pantry

Last weekend, my husband and I had little to do.  So, what else would we want to do other than build a new pantry for my kitchen!  Mine is literally falling apart.  Have any of you heard of Ana White?  She makes easy to read plans for furniture and other handy items!  There is even a plan on there for a rustic quilt ladder.  I found the plans and then we made some slight adjustments to make it work for our kitchen.  It is now almost assembled.  This weekend, we will install the doors (they are complete and just need the hinges) and then sand.  Perhaps there will be some painting too but I don't want to push it.  I am so excited!  I even was able to help with the assembly.  Sure I broke a few drill bits but it is all in the name of a new experience, right?  I will be doing all of the staining/painting though.  That is my domain and I look forward to it.

Here it is!  Made of stain grade pine and MDF.  This baby is NEVER going to fall apart!  it is 7 feet tall, 36" wide, and about 14" deep.  It will be fastened to the wall since it is top heavy.  

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  1. Way to go! Now - how are going to reach the top shelf?