Friday, September 16, 2011

Not enough quilting going on.

Life has been busy and different lately.  I probably mentioned I have returned to school, and therefore a big transition is taking place.  My children and I are adjusting to some changes and that has taken me away from my hobby.  I reward myself with quilting after I have finished my papers and homework assignments.  Therefore, I have made some progress on projects.

The last two weeks I have been working on quilting the Evelyn Sloppy string quilt.  All of what I have done has been with a walking foot, and last night I finished enough of the quilting so that I was able to put on the binding.  I will then go back and work on some simple freemotion in the middle border and in the string blocks.

One of my favorite things about the quilting process is how the quilt looks when it is folded.  Strange, right?  When a quilt is just basted, it looks bulky while folded.  The more quilting is finished, the better the quilt looks folded.  When the binding is sewn on and I trim the excess backing and batting from it, it looks awesome!  I feel like I have accomplished something.  What parts of quilting do you enjoy?  Is it a stack of quilt blocks piled up and ready to assemble?  Is it a finished top?  Is it putting on the binding?  Me?  Definitely a pretty folded quilt.

I hope to show you the final project in the next week or so.  Until then, happy quilting!


  1. I love a string quilt, but the 9-patch sashing and piano key border just make this so lovely! Good for you in your studies and in rewarding yourself.

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous folded or otherwise!!!

  3. That's a great idea to reward yourself like that - it will help you keep your sanity. Folded or unfolded, basted or bound, your quilt is looking great!

  4. Good for you!!! Too bad it's time demanding. I returned to school in my early 50s! It was all so much easier than when I was 20! Love your quilt, love Evelyn Sloppy ideas.

  5. So pretty!!! I love it as soon as it comes off the machine!! Happy dancing everywhere! :-)