Sunday, March 11, 2012

One year and nine months later....

I have a quilt!!!

I started this journey in July 2010.  I cannot remember where the main inspiration came from, but I do remember looking at Bonnie Hunter's Hexagon quilt and thinking it was time to start one!

I spent many hours sitting just like this using a borrowed Hinterburg frame.  The hoop was 29" and too big for me to work with, but the weight of the quilt itself made it hang taut enough for me to work quite well.  I would just drape it and get to work!

Many, many, many hours later, here it is!  This was a really rewarding journey to say the least.  I look forward to more hand piecing projects in my future!


  1. Your flower garden quilt is beautiful. Especially like the purple outer border. It'a new twist on a traditional quilt.

  2. Lovely!! Congratulations on your finish! I am up to the borders on mine so was interested to see how you have quilted yours - very nice - the quilting compliments the flowers well.

  3. Congratulations...that is a lot of work, and so beautiful!! I have one in the works...for about 15 years now!!

  4. Wonderful - great job and happy finish!!!!

  5. I am totally in LOVE with your hexie quilt!!! Great Job!!! Hugs