Sunday, April 15, 2012

Orca Bay and a Stash Report

I finally have one of the Orca Bay steps complete!

Yesterday, I also began to cut black and white strips out in preparation for the mounds of hourglass and HST blocks I need to do.  I have counted that in my stash report.  Has anyone out there seen a purple, black, grey, and white Orca Bay?  I have no idea how it is going to look!  I guess that is my one benefit from waiting until AFTER the mystery to start!

Stash Report
Used this Week: 5
Used year to Date: 15.5 yards
Added this Week: 0
Added Year to Date: 8.5 yards
Net Used for 2012: 7 yards

UFOs (Charlotte's Baskets, Orca Bay, Wooden Bear July Mini)


  1. I looked at some of the Orca Bays, and I think there was one that was purple, gray, and black. I did not think my Thimbleberries contributions were going to play nicely with your lighter purples, but they will be friends with the blacks in your quilt!!

    Happy sewing!

  2. I am sure it is going to be stunning in your colourway. Sometimes I also like to see how a mystery pans out so I can choose colours, etc...cheating? Not really!!

  3. Those string blocks are so pretty!!

  4. tromped all over your blog. Carl's quilt was great to see--making a "man" quilt is hard. Seeing Baby B still scrunched up like a new baby--makes you want to cuddle and rock. GFG--they are almost an addiction.

    Quilting frames--I have used the PVC one that is about the size of a small card table. And--I have another on that is rectangular and has rounded corners and like a bungee cord on the outside of the hoop to hold your quilt. I've used them both. Like the PVC one as you don't have to support anything, and its not hard to move your quilt to a new spot. I set the far corners of mine on small cardboard boxes so it was at a slant in front of me--no leaning over it to quilt.