Monday, June 9, 2014

Flight Prep

Today I am stuck in the house because my oldest is sick with a head cold.  Poor thing.  Thankfully a weekend full of events seems to have prevented my youngest from being stir crazy - he is such an active kid!

Later this month I travel to FL to find housing while I finish my internship year.  The airport time will give me an ample opportunity to work on my hexie project.  Here is the project to date.  I finished the green/yellow later.

I mentioned in the last post that my hexies were 1.25," but I was mistaken.  I am using 1" hexagons for this project.  In the last week, I have spent time on cutting out cardstock hexagons, cutting fabric, and basting.  Here is my main hexie sewing kit.  Recognize anything, Joan?  I have the next round of reds ready to assemble.  My grandmother unloaded a bunch of cheap thread (Coats and Clark) on me which has come in handy with the basting process.

I am more than halfway through basting a blue layer I will need later on in the pattern.  I wanted to be sure I had enough for my upcoming Maine vacation AND the flight to FL.  I am making good progress.  I purchased a cheap pair of 4" scissors which I hope will make it through airport security.

Next I will need to start collecting more civil war neutrals.  I don't have many, and will need plenty for the "background" of this hexie quilt.  This weekend, my LQS is having an anniversary sale, so I will go then to see what I can get my hands on (which will include the outer border for Acappella).

Have a fun week!


  1. awesome hexies~ I hope you find lots of time to sew on your trip. We've got a flight tonight, but my baby's sick so I took my epp sewing kit out of the carry on and put it back in the suitcase :(
    I've got an EPP linky party on my blog today, would love it if you added this post~

  2. Oh, how special. It's like seeing one of my kids!! Ha ha...hi--it's mom!!

    Have a great trip.

  3. This looks lovely - can't wait to see what you do with those blues!