Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fiesta Chairs

Hi readers!

Next month, my family is packing up and moving to Florida so I can finish my internship year.  In one year, I will fulfill my ultimate dream of being a clinical psychologist!  Even the thought of it is exciting.  Anyway, I found a townhouse (rental) a week ago, and am planning out furnishings.  We are moving from about 2000 square feet to about 1500.  Some things will end up in our storage shed (so that we may rent out the house we own) and others we will rely upon family to care for.  Our dining room table is large and will not fit well in the new space, so I am borrowing an old, distressed table from my parents.

The table and chairs have quite the history.  It has been a "starting out" table for a few decades now.  When I was young, my father had to build a top that fit over the existing table top as an inexpensive way of expanding the table for my family.  I had it for close to 10 years, then returned it to him when I did not need it anymore.  It ended up in my father's garage.  The chairs ended up (outside) on his deck.  You can see they make a new meaning of the word "distressed."

It will make my work easy I suppose!  I really like fiesta ware and have the place settings in all colors.  Fitting for a scrappy quilter, huh?  Based on this idea, I decided to paint each of the chairs a different color.  Here are two so far.  I still have another good coat to put on the chairs, but I imagine (and want) the chairs to maintain a distressed, used look.

Here is the blue chair.

Here is the yellow chair.

Two more to go!  I will show more pictures when everything is done.  I don't know yet what shape the table is in, but it has at least been stored indoors.

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