Friday, December 30, 2011

Charlotte's Basket Center complete!

Pinning, pinning, pinning, sew.

Press, press, press, starch, press.

Pinning, pinning, pinning, sew!

I wish I took a picture of how many pins were in each row as I ran it through the machine.  LOTS!  I am so happy with how this came out.  It is a lot bigger than I had thought.  All the better, really.  I love bed sized quilts!

As of right now, it measures about 70 x 83.  I could use some suggestions for borders.  In the red and gold/cheddar sashes, there is a deep brown color.  I am thinking about bringing that color out into the border.  I also need to bring something from inside the quilt to the outside...either something scrappy (putting basket blocks as corner stones in a 6" outer border or something with HSTs or 9 patches or something) or bringing a strip of red or gold out.  

Looks like some of my short term projects may involve more Wooden Bear patterns!  My MIL saw the snowman mini quilt when she visited my grandmother and said she had to have it!  She ordered two more patterns for me to make and I look forward to digging in my stash!

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a truly beautiful quilt...I really love the colors in your strings...congratulations!

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Are you following a pattern or is this one you have come up with yourself? Either way I love it!! As for border colour ideas I am stumped; I would probably take it to my quilt shop and audition ever fabric/colour in the shop - but that's not so good for stash busting I guess!!

  3. Very beautiful! I like the idea of bringing the red sash out into the border.

  4. I have an idea, but it involves a LOT more piecing. If you want it much bigger, put a one-fabric (brown?) inner border then a piano key scrappy border, then another wider same-one-fabric border with binding!!

  5. i was going to suggest a piano key border as well, but joan beat me to it. i don't really think it needs an inner border- the sashing helps do that.