Thursday, December 8, 2011

Progress being made

I am pretty happy with how the border in the 30's quilt kit is going.  I had to stop because I got the fabric wet to remove the water soluble ink mark and then the thread broke.  After removing some stitches, I figured it was a good spot for a break!  I feel so motivated to get more done this evening too!

Below is a closer look.  I think I am getting better and better at feathers!  I think if I were to do this design again, I would work harder to keep the scale of the feathers the same in the heart area as in the rest, but I can't complain!

I also was able to pin the Tiny Turning 20 quilt this week. 

These two quilts are probably going to be my last finishes for the year.  I am hoping to have a busy Christmas break and am especially hoping I will be able to apply for a doctoral program soon.  Still waiting on some information from a person in the department.


  1. Feathers and hearts look wonderful.Great job!

  2. Your feathers look great! Did you use a stencil? Are they free-form? Did you do the spine first? I love feathers. Your's look better than mine!

  3. That quilting is just beautiful, Natasha! LOVE it. Can't wait to see the finished photo.. and your turning 20 quilt is a cute one, too. :o)

  4. Lovely Quilting!!! Your feathers are perfect!

  5. BEAUTIFUL quilting!! I find my feathers get smaller in smaller spaces ... maybe that is just how they have to be :)