Thursday, December 15, 2011

Simple finish for today

Last year, using Crafter without a Cat's wonderful tutorial, I was able to make a few Christmas ornaments.  For some strange reason, I left two of the ornaments unfinished at the very last step.  I just had to add the trim around the center of the ornament to cover the pins.  I took the 10 minutes today to have them finished and on my tree.

Don't mind my tree.  It is fairly barren.  I have a two year old.  'nuf said!  The ornaments are clustered on the top 25% of the tree.  What was within reach was already hurled across the room and then put away.

I also made two that looked like this last year.

I am half tempted to make more.  Perhaps I can leave them out on my desk for a year like I did the others!  We shall see.

In other craftiness, I am halfway done with the binding on the 30's repro quilt.  Can't wait!  After that is done, I can begin to quilt the Tiny Turning 20.  The baby may be born early, so I need to get working on it!

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  1. Love your ornaments. The dark blue is beautiful mixed with the white.