Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stash Reports

Every week, Judy at the Patchwork Times reports the amount of fabric purchased vs. the amount of fabric used.  I enjoy seeing how she and other quilters approach the subject of fabric buying.  Me?  I like to use, use, use.  I don't keep a large stash, but often adopt unwanted scraps to use in quilting.

My goal in 2012 is simple.  Have the number of stash used vs. stash purchased as close to zero as possible.  My ultimate goal is to have a negative number...any negative number will suffice, even if it is just by a lonely little fat quarter!  This may be a challenge.  I have virtually no yardage.  I cannot complete a quilt top (usually borders) without purchasing something.  I love scrappiness, but I also prefer to have something consistent in the quilt.  That is the part I have to buy with each quilt.  I will also likely report the number of UFOs or works in progress with the report.  I rarely have many UFO's but sometimes am working on many things at once.  I hope to keep my WIP numbers low too!  Right now, I have 3:  The binding needs to be sewn down on the Tiny Turning 20, I am still quilting the GFG and am approaching the one year mark in February, and have just picked up Charlotte's Baskets to work on tomorrow. 

I probably will not post every week, but I will post as I work on things or purchase things.  I have a busy year coming with an internship and possible acceptance into a full time doctoral program.  My chances are somewhat slim for acceptance, but one can hope!  Clinical Psychology programs are very competitive generally so being a competent person is not always enough.

Can't wait to show more Charlotte's Baskets photos after tomorrow!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I keep track of my purchase vs used fabrics. I always want to end the year with a negative figure. This year its likely to be about twice as much fabric used in finished projects as bought. I'll be a very happy quilter :)