Saturday, June 16, 2012

Opinions on hexagon templates please.

I am planning my next hexagon quilt.  My plan is to start the new one while on vacation next month.  Here is the pattern I will use.  I think I may switch some colors, but this is the overall layout.

I believe I saved this picture from Victoria's Bumblebeans blog.  I can't find the link anymore unfortunately.  I wish I could share and give credit where credit is due.  I believe this is an antique quilt that was on display in a museum.  I have no idea what size this quilt finishes at, but I will be using 1"hexagons.

My question to you is:  What is the best way to go when considering paper pieces?  Here are my options:

1) Buy bulk paper pieces.  I can get around 600 or so for about $15, give or take.  I can use many of them more than once before they need to be tossed.

2) Buy mylar.  I can get about 88 for 13-15$.  These can be used many times, and I hear that using them can help reduce the possibility of visible stitches on the front.  I might have to buy more than one set though, because I make my hexagon quilts in sections.

3)cut out my own.  I have a small sheet of mylar and can make one or two templates.  I can trace these templates out on card stock (I have some) and cut them out individually.  This is what I did with the last one.  Downsides?  It adds to the time making the quilt.  I occasionally cut one a tad tinier and have to ease it a little to make it fit right with the other pieces.  It didn't cause any major issues in the last quilt, but it is annoying if I find and use a bad one.  Upside is that it is way cheaper!!!


P.S.  I wanted to send out my appreciation to many of you who have offered to assist me in adding variety to my grays in my Orca Bay project.  I am really humbled by your kindness and will pay it forward!!


  1. I don't make a lot of hexies - maybe for some embellishing. So I cut my own out of cardstock. But if I were going to do a lot for a GFG, I think I would buy the bulk paper pieces.

  2. I use Quilt Patis - I guess they are Mylar.

  3. Go to a scrapbook store and buy a hexagon punch, or find a Creative Memories consultant. They have a new Hexagon punch that they advertise as being 1 1/2", but that is the width, not each side so it might be close to the size you need. I cut all my own from advertising flyers that are close to cardstock weight, then punch a hole in the centre to make it easier to pop out after. Once I've joined my hexies, I pop all out except for the outer ones so they will remain stiff for piecing to the next section.

    Good luck!

  4. I use Stamps by Kate and love this method. It is not English paper piecing. You can google her to order stamps and ink pad

  5. Wonderful quilt.
    Grit from Germany