Saturday, June 9, 2012

I spy a new project

I am not totally geared up for a new project yet, but I have started to go through my novelty fabric (finally dwindling down) and fussy cut some 2.5" squares.  There is a set of twins on the way and they will need to snuggle in some adorable little quilts.

This is the pattern I think I want to use.  It is Moda Bakeshop's Four Squared quilt.  I am going to do a 5 x 5 layout for a 40" Square quilt.  I have some 2.5 strips in my scrap bin and will pair it up with some random I-spy pieces.

If you see the upper portion of the picture below, you might see that I am working on a new step in Orca Bay.  I am about halfway through with piecing the flying geese blocks.  After this step, I will need to complete the gray string blocks and will be ready to assemble!

The rest of the novelty fabric?  I am going to pass it on.  I have made quite a few projects with the fabric I have.  I am not ruling out any I spy quilts in the future, but it is time to collect some new fabrics and start with a clean slate.

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. As a scrap quilter I so get it - after so many 'uses' of that fabric, you just get tired of it! Need a fresh palette.

  2. I will pay postage if you want to send me your I spy stuff. I will send you an equal amount of fabric in return of your choice.