Sunday, May 27, 2012

It is DONE!

Our remodel is complete!  I had to dig around for some good before shots.  Here is one taken before we moved in.  This is the room as decorated by the previous owner.  Hello taxidermy!  The floor was just a concrete slab with a carpet remnant thrown over it.  A few months after moving in, right before Christmas, we began to work on remodeling this room.  The picture below was taken in 2006.

We managed to finish the floor on Christmas Eve.  I went out and bought a table and chairs in time for Christmas dinner!  We painted the walls and left it at that until this year when we decided we had the time (and money) to complete the room the way we wanted.  The wainscot in this room is just the faux wood paneling.  Very unappealing.

Here is a picture taken last weekend (below). 

Here is the after picture!  The husband is now finishing an outlet and then the floors will be cleaned.  Furniture will be returned by the end of the day!!  Angus is supervising, of course.


  1. looks like there is room to hang quilts on the walls and tall walls at that!!!!
    Big improvement