Thursday, May 10, 2012

Friends are awesome!

I met an awesome friend, "Manders," from a quilt forum I follow.  When I was pregnant in the hospital with my youngest son (for 3 weeks), Manders came and visited me.  She drove a long way to see me and brought me a magazine to read to help pass the time.  We have been good friends ever since.  She also feeds my addiction!

She recently sent me a 13gal. bag of scraps to play with!

I often receive the kindness from quilting friends who do not have the time to (or do not wish to) use their strings and scraps.  I am so grateful because it gives me a change to use a wide variety of fabrics!!  I sorted these out into crumbs, strings, and pieces to cut down into blocks or strips.  I even picked out some lovely Orca Bay pieces to use.

My sons received their first ant farm yesterday evening.  The little buggers were quite antsy (hahah) and once I put them into the medium, they began to dig shortly after.  This picture is from day 2, today.  They already are working on side tunnels.  They are harvester ants (all female apparently) and have rather large mandibles.  I would not like to be stung by one of them.  Did you know that all worker ants are female?  Apparently the males are used for reproduction and die shortly thereafter.  I didn't know that!  The medium is a gel that provides nourishment and allows you to see what they are doing easily.  They will hopefully live about 1 -2 months.  Cool, huh?!?  The company I purchased the farm from is called "Antworks," purchased from

I am also grateful to you, readers of my blog.  I enjoy seeing the work you do and the inspiration you provide.  You are a great bunch!

I have a nasty throat infection going on, so there is much for me to do other than drink broth and sit and do nothing.  I can't remember being this sick in more than 15 years!  I also can't believe I had a 106 degree fever yesterday.  Thankfully it just spiked and went back down but it was scary nonetheless.  I thought stuff like that made you delirious!  After steroids and antibiotics (I knew what it was and went RIGHT to the doctor when I woke up with a 103 fever), I feel a bit better today.  At least I dont have a fever today thus far.  Yuck to being sick!!

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