Sunday, May 27, 2012

Angus' special day (Stash report)

I am almost to the finish line with the ohio stars.  I have less than 10 left.  We are also nearly at the finish line with the remodel in our family room.  I look forward to posting some before and after pics!   The husband and I had big plans for memorial day weekend.  We were planning on taking out the tent and having a camp out/cookout with the boys.  It rained. all. day.  Today is a possibility too, but there is a call for rain showers again.  We shall see.

My pup, Angus, just celebrated his 3rd birthday!  About 5 years ago, we adopted a dog, Clyde.  He was a Great Pyr/Golden mix rescued from a VA Golden rescue.  In the month we had him, he tried to jump out of a window, nearly killed our bird (our fault.  the bird survived), and eventually had to be euthanized after trying to attack our trainer, my mother, the plumber, and the neighbor.  Even with private training (in addition to obedience training), we could not determine the triggers and he was just not safe.  It broke our hearts.  Our trainer was a sheltie breeder, and after researching the breed, we decided this was a good decision for us.  We waited several years until the next litter was born.

Angus was born on Memorial Day, 3 years ago.  His mother was saving for the special day, because she was a few days late!  She had four pups.  Angus' name was James at first.  He was laid back and mellow.

Wasn't he such a cute fluffball?!?

There was nothing cuter than seeing a bunch of young pups playing in the grass.

The picture below was taken about 12 weeks or so of age.  These freshly bathed pups were having a ton of fun in some sawdust!  He is playing with his smaller, but feisty sister Mila.

Some pictures of Angus as an older pup.

Below is a picture of Angus and his mother, Libby.  She has a heart warming story all on her own.  She was given as a puppy to someone who did not care for her.  She ran away and it took Angus' breeder (I call her the Angus' other mother) a month to find her.  By then she was frightened and did not trust others easily.  After countless hours developing trust and teaching her that the world is friendly, Libby is once again a lively dog!  Isn't she gorgeous!

Every year there is a puppy party.  All of these dogs are related.  From bottom to top is Libby (Angus' mother), Misty (Angus' litter mate and sister), Angus, Ethan (a cousin???), Shine (Angus' sister from another litter), and Banner (Angus' uncle).  I love to see all of them play together and chase Frisbees.  There is some fun human time together too!

These last two pictures are from his birthday.  I guess he just wanted to sleep all day!

Happy birthday, Angus.  Here is to many more years of fun and companionship!

Now for the stash report.  Nothing used, nothing gained.

Stash Report

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 15.5 yards
Added this Week: 0

Added Year to Date: 14.5 yards
Net Used for 2012: 1 yards
UFOs (Charlotte's Baskets, Orca Bay, Wooden Bear July Mini)
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  1. What a fun thing to get them all together...they are gorgeous babies!!

  2. A puppy party sounds great! We have 2 dogs that my son rescued as puppies.

  3. Those are some nice looking dogs!We are "lab people", but of course, I love them all! we are going to be looking for our next one, and we will let them choose us, as I believe they always do!
    Happy Birthday Angus!May he have many more!

  4. Happy Birthday Angus!!!! He is so cute...and as a puppy ...awww.... arent all pups just so cute and cuddly !! Thanks for sharing your baby boy woth us :):) your room is looking fab!! Love the floos :):) Hugs

  5. Pets are so precious! Sorry that your holiday weekend has been hampered with rain.

  6. Angus looks adorable. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I especially loved the puppy pictures.