Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chugging along (Stash Report)

I rewarded myself after making good progress on a research paper by working on some quilt assembly.

I am assembling both the Orca Bay quilt along with the 4-squared baby quilt.  It makes things go by so much faster!  I can't say enough about chain piecing!

I have 10 out of the 13 16-patches (finished at 8") needed.  As for Orca Bay, I still have a long way to go!

Stash Report

I have used fabric, but am waiting to count it until I have finished 4-Squared.  Perhaps that will offer an incentive!  I purchased a little bit of fabric when I was in Maine, including a lovely little scrap bag with yards of fabric (largely batiks) for only 12.00!  I am still hovering close to zero, so I am happy with my stash-busting progress.  If I can just finish something, I will be back in black!

Stash Report

Used this Week: 0
Used year to Date: 15.5 yards
Added this Week: 3

Added Year to Date: 17.5 yards
Net Used for 2012: -1.75 yards

UFOs (Charlotte's Baskets, Orca Bay, Wooden Bear July Mini, 4-Squared)
Check out Judy's site, Patchwork Times, for more stash reporting!


  1. I don't count mine used until finished either. I need the motivation (or kick in the seat) to stay focused. LOL

  2. Love the purples in your Orca Bay!!! And your baby 16-patches are too cute :*)