Friday, July 13, 2012

Hexie: Part Deux

I told you today would be the day I would share my hexie progress!  Well, here it is:

I am working on attaching the ring of reds now.  I think I am about halfway done.  I probably will be taking my hexie assembly on the road while connecting them to the "mother ship" while at home watching TV.  Ok, I will be honest.  Past August, I am not sure I will have much time to work on this.  It will be around, however, for the bits and times I have to do something without the luxury of being able to work at my machine.

So far, my stitchery is better.  I am using 1" hexagons, and getting about 15 stitches to the inch.  Most are pretty invisible too.  I am happy with the progress I am making, technically speaking, and am pleased to take my time to make sure the work stays precise!  After all, I will be working on this a few years!

Here is a closeup photo of one of the hexie flowers.  I don't know what qualifies as an "invisible" stitch, but I am happy with how it is coming out.  The stitches on the last GFG quilt were far more visible.

Here is a back photo.  I basted my fabric on the flower without piercing the card stock form (I ended up being cheap and cutting out a bunch myself).  Last time I basted the fabric right down on the card stock.  One other change is pressing my work more frequently.  I didn't do it enough last time and it made a difference when it came down to preparing the quilt top for quilting.

Lastly, I will share a photo of my travel box.  See your bag, Joan?  It has everything I need to work on some hexies in my free time.  On Wednesday, I had my kit with me at school and was able to finish two between classes.


  1. Your hexies are so pretty, and just the perfect take along project!

  2. It's going to be lovely! Great to see your design from the previous posts taking shape. Your invisible stitches 'look' very invisible to me! What sort of thread are you using? I find that helps with invisiblility, too.

  3. I see YOUR bag, N!! Looks like a great set-up. I sewed the LAST hexagon on my wall hanging (GFG) today. So proud. But I forgot my camera card in my computer at home and I was a couple hours away at camp!