Monday, August 15, 2011

Charlottes Baskets update

I am at the point where I am putting my string blocks on my basket blocks.  I have to go slow because of all the seams and the bias edge.  Lots of pins.  I love how they are coming out.  They will finish about 11" after I trim them.  Four down, 26 to go! 

I am going to put sashings in, but not sure what I want.  They will be smaller than in Bonnie's quilt.  I think perhaps only 1 to 1.5" finished.  I am thinking along the lines of greens, cheddar orange, or deep red for sashing/border fabrics.  Any thoughts?


  1. These are just adorable. I can appreciate all the hard work - it does take more time to work with scraps than yardage. I would lay out the blocks on your color choices to audition the sashing - see which one makes them pop without ovewhelming..

  2. They look fantastic! I always like red with scraps, it looks warm.