Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stash and sewing space

Some of you in the blogosphere have shown your sewing space and stash.  I wanted to show you mine.  Seriously just a nickel tour.
Here is my stash.  This ALL of my fabric that isn't purposed for a project.  I have made many scrap projects this year and have not purchased much of anything that wasn't NEEDED for something (like border fabrics or a neutral). 

Here are my strip bins.  1.5", 2", 2.5"

Here is my crumb bin and two string bins separated by lights and darks.  Before I made my last two scrap projects, you couldn't fit ANYTHING else into the darks bin.  I have used up a lot of fabric this year and am so pleased.

My novelty fabrics.  Some of you may remember pictures from a while ago and know this has been greatly diminished.  Still, I do think they have reproduced.  The bag has novelty strings and the box has some FQs and bigger squares.  In my stash bin I have a Ziploc full of 6" squares for use in I spy or bug jar quilts.

My work space.  If you turn around you are in my dining room.  I have to quilt on my dining room table so I have space to drape the quilt.  In the closet, there are shoe boxes with kitted quilts.  The fabric in it has not really been cut up or anything.  I have a box with reds because I want to make a red and white scrappy irish chain with redwork.  I have strips for a scrappy 9 patch, a box with blue fabrics for my BIL's christmas present.  I also have one other bin with a ton of 2" HSTs for a basket quilt.  That is one of my next projects I think.


  1. You look like you have everything well organized!

  2. Thank you for sharing your work space with us. Seeing your bag of novelties for an I Spy makes me realize I could start saving - hate to cut those cute little prints and lose the design. I like to keep 5.5"-6.5" squares in my 'desert' containers - perfect fit and they stay nice and flat.

  3. Very nicely organized. I am ashamed of how much fabric I have. I am trying so hard to use it up!