Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joan's Crumb Quilt

 One of my first projects on the blog was my Crumb Patch Quilt.  I wanted to incorporate a crumb block into a traditional quilt design.  I shared how I made the quilt for anyone out there who wanted to try it too and use up those little bits and pieces we all cannot throw away.

Joan of Keeping You in Stitches has done just that.  She used Thimbleberries fabrics and created something beautiful to look at!  I especially love that she used some orphan blocks in the crumby centers too.  There are star blocks and even a bear claw if I remember correctly.  Joan and I have become blogging buddies and I enjoy following her blog.  I think you may too.

So....go on over and check it out!  Perhaps it can inspire you too to take out your bitty scraps and make something fun and exciting!

P.S.  If anyone else out there has made one I would love to share it here!


  1. I like the new look of your blog - very fresh.

  2. This is a striking quilt and somehow it makes it seem ok to try a few blocks from a pattern and not do a whole quilt because those blocks can be repurposed into something else. I went to a retreat a couple years ago and one of the girls there was bound we were all going to make a crumb block. I couldn't envision it in a quilt, but your tutorial shows a great example. And, the flying geese border is just icing on the cake!!

  3. Well Thimbleberries is a perfect fit with this lovely scrappy quilt. Almost has a 'jewel box' look to it.

  4. Hi Natasha, I love to crumb quilt too. I took a class from Bonnie. I put crumbs through my machine, to start and end all my sewing. I think I now have like 150, 4 inch blocks just waiting for me to do something with. :):) I'm new to blogland and found ya. Really like your quilts. Hugs -- sandie

  5. This is a lovely (and exciting) quilt. The aspect of incorporating crumbs into a traditional block is one I hadn't really considered before - until I saw this on Joan's blog...but you've really got me thinking...I feel more crumbs coming on!!