Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look what I won!

I often do not like to try hard to win at a giveaway.  I might answer a simple question, but if I have to go through tons of hoops I just move on.  One blog that does have very interesting giveaways is Annies Ruby Slippers (I call it just Adventures in Oz).  While you put in some effort to join her Mystery Mondays, it is totally interesting, fun, and entertaining!  I just love the ideas she comes up with and look forward to them every week!  Recently, I won one!  Here is my loot!

I asked for blue because I am going to make a monochromatic quilt for my BIL (he is 13 lol) for Christmas.  He is into the Yankees so I want to make something with similar colors.

Also today I was cleaning my stash.  I have been messing it up recently with a lot of sewing so it was time to give it a quick fix.  I ran across these lovelies and really need to find something to use these in!

Soon, I will give you all a tour of my sewing corner.  Seriously that is pretty much it.  It isn't even a dime tour, more like a nickel tour!  Anyway, look forward to showing you where I create!


  1. Love Annie's Monday Mystery - I have won a couple of lovely bundles and she picks such pretties to send. You have peeked my curiossity with the pile of B/W.