Friday, August 5, 2011

I Spy a Crumb Patch is complete!

After several baths to help get the excess dye out of the reds, it is complete!  I was nervous for a while, but almost all of the bleeding red is now gone.  Only one block in the quilt decided it wanted to stay in the white.  I am going to treat the area and wash it again and hope to fade it out more.  Hopefully by early next week it will be in the wash and on its way to a newly born baby boy!

Here is the front.

 A closeup of the quilting.  The quilting was really simple.  I did a meander in the center and a little loopy thing around the outside.  I also used a walking foot in the inner border region.  Gray thread was used.  I find that grey is the best color for most scrappy projects.  It blends in with nearly every color!

A picture of the back. 

This was another stash buster.  I only purchased the blue fabric seen in the border and binding.  What was left of this purchase is already kitted up in another project.  I probably spent about 16.00 on fabric and another few bucks on Warm and White batting while it was on sale at Joanns.  Not bad!

In other news, I now have two (correctly) pieced Charlottes Basket blocks!  Having to fix the first one just tells me that I really don't want to make that mistake again!


  1. What a wonderful quilt!!! Thanks for the tip on the grey thread for quilting. Love the prairie points.
    Have you tried Shout Color Catchers? They really seem to work for me.

  2. Beautiful! Congrats on the finish :)

  3. Just love the patch quilt with the praitie points. Like Linda mentioned - with a lot of scrap red (some blues too) that might bleed alot - I use 2 Color Catchers with the wash and that usually is all it needs - one wash.

  4. Fabulous finish! I love the prairie points. This will make a great baby quilt, very colorful and has texture ;)

  5. Cutest Eye Spy quilt I've seen in a long time.